IBM Connections to SharePoint Online Migration

Industry: Applicable to All

Country: USA


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Our client had more than 10000 communities in the IBM Connections. But they wanted to migrate only the most frequently used sites to SharePoint Online.

They did not have an option to narrow down on the frequently visited sites other than doing it manually.

Manually collating the list of frequently visited sites was their only option. They encountered accuracy constraints while doing so.

Many communities in the IBM Connections were interlinked to one another that further increased the complexity.

In addition to this, they had nested wikis up to 4 levels deep and wanted to replicate the hierarchy as-is in SharePoint Online.

They were very skeptical about how nested wikis can be migrated to SharePoint as it only supports 2 levels hierarchy in OOTB.



In our migration lab, with the help of the assessment tool, we figured out their most frequently used sites based on complexity (rich-text content, web parts, multiple versioning, etc.), priority, and recency.

We segregated the frequently visited sites and submitted a report to them.

Additionally, we identified the relationship between interlinked communities and frequently visited sites and gave them a separate report.

This eliminated the need for manual process and they could quickly come up with the list of the most critical sites and interlinked communities that need to be migrated.

We customized the code of our AVAMIGRATRON tool and initially showcased a POC bringing in 4 levels hierarchical structure in SharePoint to which our client accepted.

Later, we deployed the customized code to migrate 4 levels deeply nested wikis from IBM Connections to SharePoint Online.

"Our assessment tool accurately identified the most frequently visited sites in a quick turn-around and Identifying dependencies of frequently visited sites on interlinked communities saved a huge amount of time. Also, meeting the community owners personally to collect and update responses kind of manual works were totally eliminated, and they experienced as-is migration even when SharePoint did not have some supporting functionalities (according to their requirements). Accuracy was the major turn-key point and migration was time-efficient without any data loss. ."