How we migrated the client from Slack to Teams and resolved the workflow issues?


The client is a leading manufacturer with franchise in two different countries and has a workforce scattered across the globe. They wanted to streamline the work and resolve the workflow issues.



Although they are getting enough traction, the organization isn’t able to streamline the workflows and hence they face immense pressure.

This results in decreased productivity and they’re afraid that they’d lose their place in the market.

The employees in one country used Teams for communication and collaboration while the other country colleagues used Slack for their daily work routine which distorted the workflow.

They wanted to Migrate the entire workforce from Slack to Microsoft Teams but weren’t confident about the results.

The client’s team were not confident to make the move to migrate the entire team from Slack to Teams due to a lack of planning. /p>

They were also unaware of the scope of migration.



We assessed their Slack workspace, developed a concrete plan for migration and Teams deployment.

The assessment helped them determine the scope of migration and enabled the client’s team to filter out, segregate what is needed for migration and what is not.

We also helped them in finding the usage analysis and developed reports based on that.

As the following step in the process, we did a user readiness test as an analysis for the adoption plan.

Finally, we successfully exported Slack channels and direct messages and deployed them in Microsoft Teams.




Microsoft Teams

DotNet Framework

SQL Server



As the migration was successfully done from Slack to Teams, there was a proper organization of data in a single platform thus increasing the productivity in manifolds.

Collaboration and communication were seamless across different teams in the organization.

There was no loss of data and thus helping the client to make informed decisions based on the data history.

The organization was able to streamline the workflows due to the successful migration from Slack to Teams.

This paved way for enhanced productivity.