Migrating from Slack to Teams without user credentials


Our client is the world’s leading electronic measurement company, transforming today’s measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular and software solutions. With more than 50 years of rich history in innovations, customers in 100 countries and 10000+ employees, the client decided to move to Teams for their communication and collaboration at work.

Unfortunately, the client did not have all the user’s credentials in Slack for migrating it to Microsoft Teams. They wanted a solution addressing their challenge for migration and we gave the exact solution.



The client had an exponentially growing team and Slack did not fulfill all their expectations for communication and collaboration.

The client wanted the organization to migrate from Slack to Teams without any interruptions in the workflow.

There were 10,000+ employees in the organization but they did not have all the user credentials for use during mapping and migration.

They wanted to retain the messages without losing any data after migration.

To maintain the inventory as such and to deter any issues in the business process, they also needed the Source message posted time for their references.



We assessed the Slack workspace to develop a plan for migration.

The Slack inventory was analyzed and a report was generated to know the number of users and the message counts too.

We used the agile methodology, worked consistently on the APIs to deflect the bugs during the migration process.

A service account is used for proceeding with the migration process when there is no user credential.



The client was able to retain all the messages in Teams even when there were no user credentials and it was a great accomplishment.

All the Slack Channels were migrated to Teams successfully without any data loss.

The Slack channel conversation was migrated to the existing or a newly created Teams channel on behalf of Service Accounts and this enabled the client to have the message history for any references.

Since there was no compromise on the data loss, the client could proceed with his business and explore the new potentials in Microsoft Teams.




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