IBM Connections to Microsoft Teams

Industry: Applicable to All

Country: USA


Cohu is a global leader in handling thermal subsystems, test contacting, vision inspection and MEMS test solutions. They also offer equipment and services for back-end semiconductor manufacturing. They are headquartered in Poway, CA with 1000+ employees and have been in the industry for more than 7 decades now.



Cohu is a very futuristic company that only suggests practical recommendations to their clients. Being futuristic, they wanted to migrate from their existing IBM connections to Share Point. They had 1000+ community sites each with different permission levels.

  • Cohu wanted to migrate from IBM Connections to Office 365 (MS Teams) platform that is both cost-effective and undergoes frequent updates based on industry trends.
  • They wanted to make use of all the cluster applications in Office 365 (with just 1 license) rather than just managing communities and project management systems in the IBM connection.
  • Additionally, they did not have secured permission levels – for example, community members were sometimes granted "admin" access to edit certain documents that gave room to view sensitive information.



  • As a first step, we assessed their environment, communities, and content and figured out that they didn't have standard permission levels for admins, members, and visitors.
  • We collaborated with the client and consolidated a list of admins, members, and visitors. People who fall under any of these 3 criteria will have corresponding privileges only. For example, private communities will be migrated as separate entities with tight access permissions.
  • As a remediation process plus adhering to the guidelines, we recommended them to maintain security levels.
  • Additionally, we also gave them an option "customized permission levels" – we rationalized the privileges to simple levels in MS Teams to easily maintain security levels.
  • We then migrated all their 1000+ communities to MS Teams using AVAMIGRATRON.

"Formulated standard permission levels based on individual titles (admin/member/visitor). Customized permission levels helped them bypass permission queue and Swift migration from IBM Connections to MS Teams within 3 just business weeks"