IBM Connections to SharePoint Online Migration

Industry: Applicable to All

Country: USA, Australia


Dyno Nobel is a leader in the commercial explosives industry with more than 3000 employees who work from 36 manufacturing units. They are headquartered in Utah, USA manufacturing million of tons of explosives.



  • Our client had 1000+ communities in the IBM Connections but wanted to move only the most frequently used sites to SharePoint Online.
  • They had to manually communicate with all the 1000+ community owners to narrow down on the frequently used ones.
  • They either had to meet the community owners' on the floor or wait for their response that consumed a whole lot of time delaying the migration process.
  • Additionally, they wanted us to deliver migration-as-a-service with some specific features added to our migration tool.



  • Dyno Nobel initially wanted the migration tool with some additional features. Hence, we embedded features like bulk search into our AVAMIGRATRON tool and gave them.
  • Due to many reasons, they later delegated the entire migration process to us which we successfully accomplished.
  • In our migration lab, with the help of the assessment tool, we figured out their most frequently used sites based on complexity (rich-text content, web parts, multiple versioning, etc.), priority, and recency.
  • We generated a report enlisting the frequently used communities. Later, they used the report to filter the sites they wanted to migrate to SharePoint Online.
  • After they gave us the list, we migrated all the desired communities in a quick turn-around.

"We tested all the content in the SharePoint site before moving it to production. Since we tested the content, they did not require any additional set-up and they started using the SharePoint sites on-the-go and Our assessment tool accurately identified the most frequently used sites without consuming time. Personally, meeting the community owners, collecting and updating responses kind of manual works were totally eliminated and There was no room for any manual errors or data loss. Migration was time-efficient. "