IBM Connections to SharePoint Migration

Industry: Applicable to All

Country: Finland


Huhtamaki is a global specialist in food and beverage packaging. They are headquartered in Espoo, Finland and have 78 manufacturing units across 34 countries.



The client had 1700+ community sites and approximately 1000 standalone sites in their existing IBM Connection. They wanted to migrate to a more versatile site like SharePoint.

  • One of the peripheral challenges was the rich text content present in the 'description' of each community.
  • IBM Connections accepts rich text description, but SharePoint has limitations on the number of characters – SharePoint accepts only 250 plain characters.
  • Additionally, SharePoint has no feasibility to bring-in rich text content in the description field.
  • All the descriptions were very important as they were the community's homepage content.



  • The rich text description was identified during the initial assessment phase. So, we had to make some design changes to accustom rich text in the description field of SharePoint.
  • Our solution was that - to migrate complex descriptions from IBM Connections to separate 'site pages' instead of using the existing description field in the SharePoint.
  • We then made these site pages as the default landing pages to ensure 'as-is' rich text migration without any data loss.
  • We then migrated all the content from IBM connections to SharePoint using the AVAMIGRATRON tool.
  • The solution was initially proposed as a framework to resolve the pain points of Huhtamaki. But now, it's a part of our AVAMIGRATRON tool.

"Accustom rich text description in SharePoint without any data loss and Ability to handle any complex scenarios arising with business demands"