Migrating Large Descriptions from IBM Connections

Migration, Aug 27,2018

We ensure maximization of "Office 365/ SharePoint On-Premises" investments made by Customers. As a part of this exercise, our Migration team constantly pushes its boundary to make their product suite better. One such experience is as follows.

AVAMIGRATRON deals with a diverse set of clients seeking migration of contents from various source systems to SharePoint. There were instances where a couple of customers with large and complex descriptions in the source system (having rich texts and images) approached with the willingness to retain them "as-it-is" post migration as well in the target system.

IBM Connection to SharePoint Framework (AVAMigratron Suite) is designed with a vision to execute all content migration scenarios using automation with less or no manual intervention. However, there are certain features that don't have an exact equivalent and hence a close alternative has to be found. The challenge thus comes up with parameters when we put them to real use. In this case, the target had a limitation, whereas the source had a choice for complex content in the description. That said we had to force the boundaries of SharePoint to meet this expectation of migration. SharePoint was built to handle a maximum of 250 plain character texts and had no provisions for rich text in the site description field. IBM Connections supports a rich text editor feature for capturing descriptions, which enables to insert videos, images, tables and other huge contents. Our client wanted to move this rich text content from IBM Connection description to SharePoint.

This required a design change and demanded a workaround to accommodate the feature in the Target SharePoint. With more than one client seeking to retain complex descriptions, we decided to add this feature as a part of the upcoming new version of the product. The technology stack being used is XML and C#.

AVAMIGRATRON's R&D team analyzed the description API's and planned to migrate the complex descriptions from IBM Connections community as a separate "Web Page" in SharePoint instead of using the existing description field which has the restricted capability. This web page is then set as the default landing page in SharePoint site to ensure all complex and rich descriptions are migrated "as it is" in IBM Connections. This code is now a part of the tool that helps migrate huge and complex descriptions from IBM Connections community to SharePoint online.

Now migrating communities with a huge description from IBM Connections to SharePoint is a standard feature of our Migration Tool Offering. We continually thrive to upgrade AVAMIGRATRON and eye to be at par with the existing business demands, changing APIs, and encompass various scenarios from experience

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