Microsoft Teams – The one-stop solution for all your collaboration and communication!


Our client is leading the revolution in networking, making it one of the famous technology companies in Silicon Valley. They are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with a mission on creating innovative products and solutions for the growing demands of the connected world.

They wanted to have an all-in-one solution for their communication and collaboration needs at work for their employees.



The client had multiple communication platforms for all their collaborations.

They used Slack for communication but many of their requirements did not meet the business needs.

They had a storage crunch and wanted sufficient space for all the users at one place from where they could access the files.

For all their tasks like following up on emails, creating slide decks, developing documents, making team calls and maintaining workspace wasn’t easy in Slack.

They wanted to have a consolidated solution for all their issues and enhance their work using the same.



We assessed their workspace to determine Slack usage and their service plan.

We suggested them to go for Microsoft Office 365’s single license plan for the organization that helped them to do all of their tasks without any third-party apps or integrations.

We guided in Slack to Teams migration and assisted them in determining the groups and channels.

We deployed Microsoft Teams and conducted webinars to train them on all the apps to make the best use of them.



The client was now able to use Teams for all their work like emails, presentations, team calls, collaborations, and saved everything in OneDrive.

The trainings and webinars improved the utilization of the Microsoft 365 platform.

The client was able to save significantly due to the single license used for all their office works.

This ultimately improved business continuity, optimal governance and ensured a managed platform.