Retain conversation history and move messages from G Suite and Slack to Teams!


Our client has been providing IT solutions and business communications along with project management services. They collaborate with major software and hardware vendors and integrated solution providers while working closely with clients to develop and deliver solutions.

The client had been using slack for over a year in conjunction with G Suite before considering Office 365. They wanted to have a real-time collaboration tied into a pure integration and immersion of Office 365.



They decided on moving to Office 365, and for this, they required an app password to be created for every individual account with a 2-step verification turned on which consumed a lot of time and they wanted a solution for this.

They had to move the slack environment to Microsoft Teams along with the 210 GB of the G Suite content but they wanted to retain and maintain all prior conversation records.

Migration of Slack channel conversation to Teams and G Suite to Office 365 migration together was a huge challenge.

The client was looking for a single independent software vendor for both migrations.



We evaluated and found that the entire Slack environment had to be migrated carefully while retaining the conversation history.

AVASOFT’s migration capabilities ensured that they’d not lose any conversation history and will maintain the same after migration.

We planned and worked for a quick and seamless migration from G Suite and Slack to Teams.

We covered the entire G Suite and Slack for migrating to Teams with intact conversation history in both.



The planning and execution were so meticulously done that there was no room for any issue during migration.

Migration with AVAMIGRATRON reduced the time cost of G Suite to Office 365 migration by 40 hours.

The client was very happy as there was no data loss.

They had a quick adoption of Teams without any disturbances in the workflows.