Web Parts Gadgets in Enterprise Content Management

Migration, Aug 27,2018

Gadgets in Enterprise Content

It has been witnessed that for quite some time pages in enterprise content have started using an increased number of gadgets. This has helped business users to quickly create a page on the site/Community. In this article, we are trying to present an overview of Gadgets that are offered by Google and Microsoft. In addition, we also put forward our experience of how corporates have started adapting more standard/social gadgets for their business needs.

Google Gadgets in G Suite

Google Gadgets are mini-applications that work with the Google homepage, Google Desktop, or any page on the web. Corporate in G Suite while creating sites involve google gadgets from Simple HTML to Complex Application like Map, calendar, chart, Media player and so on. We have around 24 standard gadgets and 4000+ public gadgets.

Web Parts in Office365

Gadgets are popularly known as Web Parts in SharePoint. Web Parts is a single unit of re-usable components that can be added to a SharePoint Page to perform a specific task. Microsoft has recently added a bunch of modern OOTB Web Parts that enables content owners to easily create content using these OOTB Web Parts. These Web Parts are templated apps that allows content writers to add these Web Parts and include different types of content such as text content, media content, dynamic lists and libraries contents, social media contents etc. Microsoft also provided options to create custom Web Parts, which can be developed using SharePoint Frameworks (SPFx). This option enables the creation of custom business Web Parts to meet specific business needs.

Popular Gadgets in Google (Chart being the most used Gadget by our clients)

The Google charts gadget provides around 12 options, unlike Office 365 web part. Microsoft has a Power BI web part, which allows the creation of much more sophisticated charts. However, from the corporate user standpoint, a set of predefined, rich and highly visual charts are a quicker way to create a new page. From the ready-made chart options, Google is a better pick compared to IBM Connection or SharePoint Online.

Useful Web Parts in Office 365 (Map is the most used web part)

One of the most useful Web Parts in Office 365 is Bing Map Web part. Accurate address location and directions are not the only areas where Bing demands the complete upper hand. Compared to Google, Bing offers higher resolution areal images and lets users get a satisfying 360-degree view of any place. In other words, when you shift viewing angles with Bing, the service displays an entirely different, highly detailed photo, the feature, which is unavailable with Google Maps.

Why Gadgets/Web Parts will be most sought feature

In Google or Office 365, we have a plethora of predefined Web Parts, and it makes the users more resourceful and enables quickly building of the sites/Portal. This no code, pretested Gadgets/Web Parts gives more power to render relevant and intelligent contents.

The future projection states the existence of a lot of business re-usable Web Parts, which would continue to support the content owners for easy and effective content creation.

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